About The Founder: 
Richard Tyler

Chief Possibility Architect of BTFI Ltd, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Coach and Provocateur. 

Richard’s mission is simple: enabling people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. We’re drowning in gurus who promise the world, but fail to deliver. They take people to the edge and leave them hanging. Richard is here to disrupt the personal development industry by provoking people into fresh and creative thought patterns – so instead of looking outside of yourself for the solutions, you’ll start to look within. He can help you with the biggest obstacle of all: getting out of your own way. Once you do, you open up the potential to live your best life and create a positive footprint on the planet.

After a decade playing lead roles in West End theatre productions like The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, and singing in concert halls across the globe, Richard sees human potential through the artful lens of performance. Coupled with his professional training in Barrett Values CTT, Harrison Psychometric Assessment, Constellation Coaching and ongoing studies in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Psychosynthesis, CBT, NLP and Emotional Intelligence, this allows him to offer a creative and insightful way for people to learn and fully emerge in their talents.

He has worked with businesses on every continent, creating a ruckus and planting the seeds for his audience to build their own extraordinary culture and send it viral. CEOs, boards and senior leadership teams seek him out to coach, speak and facilitate workshops to shake up their habitual thinking, release obstacles, stay present, and start building new stories for their businesses.

Richard brings tough love to the mix – balancing love and compassion with the courage to say what he sees. He’s a coach and consultant who stays by your side to bring your vision to fruition: encouraging, supporting, provoking and holding you to account.

Whether you’re looking to reveal a more authentic version of yourself, need to shake up your thinking or behaviour, want to create a sustainable corporate culture, or simply access your creative juices, by working with BTFI you’re guaranteed to be jolted, nourished, and transformed.

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