Mind Hygiene

Clean Up Your Thinking!


Being an entrepreneur or business leader can feel isolating. You’re responsible for a lot and it goes with the territory to have ‘dirty thoughts’ on those dark days. No, not those types of dirty thoughts. We mean thoughts where you don’t feel like you’re good enough, you’re not supported, or you’re stuck.

You know what you SHOULD be doing but it’s really tough when you feel in a funk, with low motivation or support.  

Shift that stuckness today by taking our free Mind Hygiene Test. It will help you to identify which areas need a deep clean and to develop new Mind Hygiene Habits. Our supportive workbooks contain insights, apps, books and resources that can support you in developing healthy habits. Plus included is a bespoke binaural hypnotherapy track to change subconscious thought patterns that you might not even be aware of!



Does your energy need a boost? Maybe you have trouble sleeping, or you have developed bad habits around nutrition, staying hydrated and exercising daily. This workbook will help you to create healthy habits that invigorate you.



Do you feel out of synch because aspects of your life just don’t align? You could be living your values in your relationship, but compromising them at work. This workbook helps to identify your core values and shows you how to live a life ON purpose every day.



Do you know you could be SO much more but you’re getting in your own way? You realise that you don’t believe or trust yourself to take the action that you know will make the difference. It’s time to take control and reclaim your power.



Are you feeling isolated? We are only as strong as those we have around us. So if you feel alone, invisible and unable to ask for help, then read this to discover how we’ve got your back and how you can build a strong circle of support.



Wanting change, but feeling stuck? We need movement because our bodies were designed to be active. But when we’re in the procrastination trap, that all draws to a halt. Learn how to be productive and keep your energy flowing throughout your body.



Are you are living your life on autopilot? Things feel like they’re happening to you, rather than you making them happen. You may feel helpless as unconscious sabotage patterns override your actions. Let’s change all that so you can live a conscious life in full control.

The real me is bubbly, enthusiastic, effervescent, sometimes a bit annoyingly smiley, and positive, not that downtrodden, haggard, sometimes a bit desperate shadow of me. And I’m back, glad I made it through and I am not joking when I say this saved my life.

Mind Hygiene Master: Sandra Norvel

I am feeling calmer, in control, ready to get back to being the best version of me. Now to get on with the 30 day plan I have created. Thanks to Richard for helping me to see where I was getting stuck!

Mind Hygiene Master: Jamie Stewart