Many of us have fallen into careers that we started because we ‘had to’ or what others thought were ‘best for us’ and really we didn’t have much excitement for it from the start. Others might be at the stage where the roaring flame and love for what you do has now dwindled to a little flicker.

So what do you do when you feel called, pulled and pushed towards taking a leap into something new?Covid has accelerated some of this as many people find themselves displaced from jobs or thinking that there must be more to life…but if only I could find it! Well, you can. And who better to help you than our guest tonight, Serena Simmons from The Psychology School.

Serena has a broad background in psychology and has helped hundreds of people look closely at their life choices, their desires, their purpose and their skills so that they can begin making the necessary changes and start living with more joy, fulfilment and purpose.

Watch the training here, as we talk about the things you can do to start living a life that follows your true purpose, leaves you wanting to spring out of bed in the morning and offers you the chance for better balance, play and health.